G20 Interfaith Forum 2019 KYOTO

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JUNE 11 & 12

JUNE 11 & 12

English / 日本語

Moderator and Panelist

The Rev. Dr. James Christie

The Rev. Dr. James Christie

ジェームス・クリスティ 博士

Session 1
"Global Compact"


Curriculum Vitae

The Rev. Dr. James Christie is an ordained minister of The United Church of Canada and Professor of Whole World Ecumenism and Dialogue Theology at The University of Winnipeg in Canada. He has served as Dean of Theology, President of The Canadian Council of Churches, and General Secretary of the 2010 World Religious Leaders Summit of the G8, serving on the Planning Groups of both the G8 and G20 Interfaith Fora since 2007. His most recent contribution to the literature of Interfaith diplomacy is “The Commonwealth Interfaith Forum: Relevance in a Relic,” in Critical Theology, Spring 2019.