G20 Interfaith Forum 2019 KYOTO

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JUNE 11 & 12

JUNE 11 & 12

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G20 Interfaith Forum 2019 Kyoto - Sub-themes and Abstracts of Each Session

Session 1: Global Compact

We will discuss whether we should give priority to "Own Country First" principles or international cooperation in economic policy.

Session 2: Climate Change

We will talk about global warming, which has not been improved for 22 years since the "Kyoto Protocol" was established for the purpose of preventing climate change, and that it is getting worse.

Session 3: AI’s Threats and Human Responsibilities

The development of artificial intelligence (AI) has become a real issue, from the centralized management of personal information by the state to the actual deployment of autonomous robot weapons. We will discuss how to deal with this issue.

Session 4: Resilient Society

We will respond persistently and flexibly to various crises, including natural disasters and population decline, and discuss approaches to the realization of an attractive and vibrant resilient city.

Session 5: Life Science and Religion

A rapid development of life sciences has given great hope to those suffering from "incurable diseases", but on the other hand, new occurrences such as "selection of life" have become possible by prenatal diagnosis. We will talk about the rising ethical issues.

Session 6: Living with Oppressed People

There are still many politically, ethnically, religiously and sexually oppressed people all over the world. We will discuss how the international community should work without overlooking its actual status.

Session 7: Low Birthrate and Aging Society Problem

The problem of declining birth rate and aging population is a common social issue in developed countries, and it cannot be turned around overnight like economic stimulus policy. We will discuss how to deal with it.

Session 8: Disparate Society and Poverty

The economic policy on neoliberalism impedes equal education opportunities and fair working conditions among people and brings the entrenched poverty and disparity. We will discuss how to deal with it.

moderator Dr. Keishin Inaba

panelist Eri Ishikawa

panelist Masatoshi Murakami

panelist Prof. Asher Maoz

panelist Jasmina Bosto

* Please check the latest information, as the order and content of each Session is subject to change.