G20 Interfaith Forum 2019 KYOTO

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JUNE 11 & 12

JUNE 11 & 12

English / 日本語

Moderator and Panelist

Rev. Dr Hans Ucko

Rev. Dr Hans Ucko

ハンス・ウコ 博士

Session 5
"Life Science and Religion"


Curriculum Vitae

Rev. Dr Hans Ucko has an MA in theology from Lund University. He was the Church of Sweden Secretary for East Asian relations and interreligious dialogue as well as Secretary for Church and Judaism.

He holds a D. Th. from the Senate of Serampore College, Kolkata with a dissertation on concepts in the Jewish tradition and Minjung and Dalit theologies.

He was 1989-2008 Program Executive, Interreligious Relations and Dialogue of the World Council of Churches.

He was President of Religions for Peace Europe, board member Arigatou International on the rights of the child and the President of the Nordic Gülen Institute.