G20 Interfaith Forum 2019 KYOTO

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JUNE 11 & 12

JUNE 11 & 12

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Moderator and Panelist

Katsuya Yamaguchi

Katsuya Yamaguchi

山口 克也 氏

Session 2
"Climate Change"


Curriculum Vitae

Born in 1963. Bachelor of Law from the University of Tokyo. MBA from Louisiana State University, USA. After working for Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd., worked as Suita City Councilor. Together with Dr. Isao Ueno, Dr. Junichi Nishizawa, formulated measures against global warming at the Ecosystem Study Group. Proponent of "World Fossil Resource Managing Organization - World Green Corporation", "Bering Strait Dam", "Carbonization of plastic waste", and "Silver money". Director, Yamaguchi General Policy Research Institute Director, The UN Association of Japan Kansai Capital.


To cope with the global warming, Paris Agreement alone is not enough. It is necessary to create the form of a sustainable world that the people of the world can understand, technically and economically. In this session, I introduce you four important initiatives. One is Global Fossil Resources Monopoly Corporation that creates funds to mitigate and adapt to global warming and enables uniform global carbon pricing. Second is Bering Strait Dam to stop global warming from the Arctic. Third is an organic carbonization system to stably store organic waste, especially plastic waste, in the environment. Fourth is the global transmission network for sharing renewable energy in the world.